Photo restoration pricing, how much does it cost?

Every photo restoration job is different, and your photo must, therefore, be assessed to determine how much the photo restoration cost. Image with multiple damage characteristics will need more work and therefore be priced higher. All work will be discussed prior to being carried out.
Price guidelines shown below are for digital restorations only.

|| Pricing table ||

Image Restoration Service
Pricing Plan


10 $
  • Simple fade corrections
  • Contrast adjustments
  • Simple duct and scratch removal
  • Sharpening
  • Cropping


15 $
  • Minor Fading
  • Minor Discolouration
  • Light mould or damage
  • Some hair-line fissures
  • Some hair-line cracks


25 $
  • Deep scratch marks/ Multiple paper wrinkles /fold
  • Small-medium facial area corrections
  • Moderate-medium mould damage/ medium fading
  • Small areas missing or damaged
  • Small areas of face or body missing
  • Some rebuilding and object removing

Very Complex

30 $
  • Larger areas missing or damaged
  • Large facial area corrections
  • Large areas of face or body missing
  • Heavy mould damage
  • Major rebuilding and object removing
  • Significant folds or tears and Heavy fading









Very Complex​


Very Complex​

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|| Additional Services ||

Services Pricing Plan

This page includes our prices list of almost all services we provide. If you were looking for professional photo retouching services with peace of mind, you are at the best place. Our price of photo retouching services are reasonable and competitive since 2005.

Product Editing

Starting From $0.50USD

Headshot Retouching

Starting From $3.0USD

Jewellery Retouching

Starting From $2.50USD

Beauty Retouching

Starting From $5.0USD

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